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Welcome, and hello 


Throughout my life, I have struggled with self love. I can remember my small self and all the times I wished I was someone else.  Always on the lookout for ways to "fit in" and how to "properly" behave so I would be loved and accepted.


Spending years in dislike with myself, not treating my mind, body and soul very kindly; drugs, alcohol and anxious relationship attachments continued to lead me farther away from my own true light.  


Knowing I couldn't continue to live this way, I began to seek help. As life would have it, the right people, places and events started to appear - seek and you shall find!


I began getting regular Reiki healings, reading self help books, attending therapy sessions, joining mastermind groups , meditating and seeing naturopaths and energy healers. Although I had been practicing Yoga for a number of years, it wasn't until I went through a breakup in 2017 that led me to find myself even deeper on my mat.


Slowly, class by class, I would witness myself coming undone with each practice.  Showing myself tenderness and commitment opened a whole new world for me. The walls I built to protect myself naturally started to soften, leaving me in tears as my heart began to crack open.


Passionate about living a life free of restraint and dreaming of ways to help others have the same freedom within themselves, I quit my 9-5 to explore what my heart had been calling me to do, and moved cities for new horizons. Eventually, enrolling in 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training with Power Yoga Canada in 2018.


Since then, I have been deep in my own shadow work, energy healing and finding compassion for myself. Sharing these insights and connecting with people is my passion.


Taking risks and listening to my inner voice has led me to this place of trust.  Life is not a direct path, and never promised to be easy, but it keeps flowing, we keep expanding.


To Keepexpanding is to experience, explore and express all parts of yourself.  Like the lotus flower rising from the mud, allowing our creative and unique expressions to shine through, without judgement, fear or restraint.


Join me as we dance through this journey of life together..


Much Love,



Trainings + Expansions

Lifewatchers - Balanced Wellness program - Goodness Me
Integrated Conscious Enlightenment - Tashene Wolfe
Numerology - Tashene Wolfe
Achieving your Goals - Best Life Coaching Society
200 hr Yoga Teacher - Power Yoga Canada
Yin Yoga Training - Power Yoga Canada
Yoga Hands on assisting - Soulfire Yoga
Reiki Level 1 - Louise Gilbert 
Reiki Level 2 - Therese DeGrace
Auqualead Level 1 - Therese DeGrace
Sea Kayak Skills Level 1 - Ontario Sea Kayaking Centre
Build Your Passion - Shawna Thibodeau
Wheel of the Year - Current - Emily Moran
Learning Mediumship - Laurie Oakes
Yoga Nidra Training - Taryn Diamond
Over 500 hours of teaching experience
Leading Retreats


Australia + New Zealand
Spain, Morocco + Portugal
South Korea
Canadian Arctic + Greenland
All across Canada; from circumnavigating Newfoundland to BC



Having taken numerous classes both in studio and on-line over the past few years, it is evident that Natalie strives to provide a total experience rather than just leading the yogi/yogini through a sequence of asanas.

Her use of lighting, smudging, music, thought-full readings and meditations all help to set the tone for her classes wherein she keeps the students' wellbeing foremost. The care and compassion she has not only for her students but life in general shines through.

L. Pietrobon

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