Expansion Journey

Intentionally living your truth

A 6-week online self-love & empowerment series to expand your mind, heart & soul

Stay tuned for the next series coming in September 2022!

Six weeks of themed yoga, meditation, journaling, reflection
+ group discussion

This series is for you if...

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You want to know yourself on a deeper level & start to feel more connected and aligned with your best self     


You desire self commitment, self awareness, understanding and practicing compassion for yourself    


You want to tune in and learn to trust your intuition to guide you   


You want to live and express yourself free from limitations

What's included

What we will explore...


Week One - Ground

Create stability & a solid foundation for the next season of your growth

Becoming balanced & in tune with our body

Practice ways to get present in daily life

Quieting the mind, creating body awareness

Honouring and listening to your bodies subtle messages

Discussions, journal prompts and practices focusing on grounding & presence 

Week Two - Create

Discover any blocks or self limiting beliefs + rewrite your story

Create and express through sensation, feelings and movement

Tap into your divine feminine

Sacred Space practice

Discussions, journal prompts and practices focusing on creation & confidence  

Week Three - Love 

Expanding and healing the heart space 

Heart Coherence practices and meditations

Learn the Subconscious Release Technique

Introductions to mantras for healing

Discussions, journal prompts and practices focusing on love & expression


Week Four - Expand

Manifesting and attracting more love & light into your life

Magic Wand Exercise

Creating leverage + holding space for each others intentions and dreams

Taking inspired action towards your dreams

Discussions, journal prompts and practices focusing on self love & abundance

Week Five - Express

Meet your higher self experience

Practice asking and listening to your intuition 

Secret power of imagination exercise

Discover and create healthy boundaries for your personal expansion

Discussions, journal prompts and practices focusing on intuition & soul connection

Week Six - Embody

Move with ease and flow into life knowing you are magnetic

Practice free flow movements, tuning into your bodies sacred intelligence

Divine Self acknowledgment

Discover and create space for the pleasures in life

Discussions, journal prompts and practices focusing on manifestation & energy

You are ready...




Six live gatherings every Tuesday at 7:30pm

Optional additional online Yoga + Meditation

Thursdays 8pm & Saturdays 9am 

Journal prompts, themed discussions, PDF notes, group & 1:1 support, community + discounts to further your expansion

Total Self Investment of

$180 CDN


Bonus when you register for 
Expansion Journey!

Receive an 11% discount on any of the below partnership services. These are practitioners and light workers that can help you continue your expansion journey after our four weeks together.



Having taken numerous classes both in studio and on-line over the past few years, it is evident that Natalie strives to provide a total experience rather than just leading the yogi/yogini through a sequence of asanas.

Her use of lighting, smudging, music, thought-full readings and meditations all help to set the tone for her classes wherein she keeps the students' wellbeing foremost. The care and compassion she has not only for her students but life in general shines through.

L. Pietrobon


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