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6 week program to rewrite the patterns of your mind, create clear vision & align with your true Self

  • Starts Jan 9, 2024
  • 333 Canadian dollars
  • Over Zoom

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Service Description

Practice yoga, meditation & journaling for true Self discovery. Rewrite your scripts, free your mind I am sharing these near and dear practices that have impacted my growth and spiritual expansion in loving and accepting ways. If you'd love to accept more peace, grace, forgiveness, freedom, openness, clearer vision and live your TUEST SELF then these 6 weeks will be life altering, bringing more love and peace into your life. In this program, you learn about yoga philosophies and teachings for greater wholeness and Self awareness. You practice accessing the subconscious mind, where you can rewrite the patterns of your mind, practice having focused attention, clear your vision and connect to the collection consciousness. You will also create new pathways of perspective, replace negative thoughts with more positive & loving thoughts and live free from subconscious limitations and past programming. You receive ✨ All access to 3/week online yoga classes Once/month online meetings (Tuesday evenings) New themes and practices each week to embody for impactful change; Week One - 8 Limbs of Yoga Commit to yoga lifestyle. Week Two - Yoga Sutras Learn yoga philosophies & Sanskrit Week Three - Yoga Nidra Explore consciousness & positive thought seed planting Week Four - Heart Coherence Practice Dr Joe Dispenzas meditations & teachings Week Five - Vortex Practice staying in your alignment Week Six - Energy Alignment Chakra healing & visualization journeys

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