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Women's Wellness

Expansion Retreats

Women's retreats to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you unlock your fullest expression to regain your Self trust. Explore yoga, meditation, yoga nidrā, creative expression, somatic movement, and more. Connect to your body, listen to your innate wisdom, release self doubt, fear and shame. Leave feeling empowered & free to express your authentic self.



My passion is to help women liberate themselves from self doubt, fear and limiting beliefs. Classes, events and retreats are designed to completely rest your mind, body & soul, while practicing movement and creative play to Keepexanding your true Self expression.

I work with women to heal and re-connect to their true nature. Together we explore creative self expression through intuitive movement, art & imagination to empower and heal on your path. I've had the honour of teaching yoga and offering retreats for over 5 years. I lead with compassion, understanding, intuition, and playfulness. My classes have been said to be compassionate, peaceful & poetic.


Movement, freestyle writing, creative art projects, dreaming, sketching, taking time in nature, dancing, any form of self expression will bring play, openness and wonder back into your life. Free yourself of the stuck mind, the ego mind that's trying to keep you safe but instead suffocates your fullest expression. You have so much light to shine and hearts to connect with throughout your journey. As children, we expressed ourselves freely. Over time, our own self worth, protection and direction become adjusted to the needs and preferences of others. I guide classes to assist your awakening to your own choices, creativity and expression. Set yourself free!



"You become what you think about most of the time" 

To set intentions, tune into your own energy, create your life and explore the depth of your creative powers is honouring your inner child. There is an inner artist waiting to be heard and seen. Give yourself the freedom to love your own life, choices and experiences.  Empower and honour your truth through self reflection and creative play. If you've been listening to other people for far too long, it's time to re-create and co-create with spirit, your aligned dreams and desires in this life. The power of your word is potent. Writing has the power to set yourself free.

Create for your Soul, share for the whole! 

Yoga nidrā

I love exploring consciousness and the power of reprogramming subconscious beliefs, patterns and perspectives.  Retreats will always include the powerful practice of yoga nidrā. A restful practice where you lay in a supported and comfortable savasana as you are guided gently into complete relaxation; physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga nidra takes us into our true state of being; consciousness pure, where we can awaken to our true Self past the ego desires, judgements & attachments. From this space, we can see ourselves clearly & we can plant seeds to rework any negative mental programs into more loving and positive ones.



What does it mean to Keepexpandng?

We each have a unique path of conscious and creative expansion to embark on this lifetime.  I began Keepexpanding as a way to accept my multi-passionate endeavours and dreams. Stepping ahead to now, where the expansion has taken me, is through transformative challenges, shadow work, deep self awareness, sorrow, grief, loss & re-awakening each time stronger, free, and expanded! My expansion is still unfolding, naturally, so I meet you as you are in this human experience we share as One. 

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