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Classes & Memberships

Online Yoga

Join the yoga community that's been supporting each others practice for over four years.

Mindful yoga and meditation practices, along with self reflection, journaling, yoga nidrā and special event offers to awaken your vibrance and vitality. Explore & express your true self - and Keepexpanding


All Access Monthly

Enjoy all access to your expansion package!

Fully show up for your practice three days a week + any BONUS special events like Re-write & Rest evenings are included!

Morning Sessions

8 Online Yoga morning yoga sessions for clarity, intention setting & moving your energy. These mindful journeys begin with presence of breath, intuitive movement and guided meditation. 


Thursdays & Saturdays

Four very special classes to join in each month, low commitment, big shifts. Every other Thursday evening wind down into peacefulness and every other Saturday, begin your day with deep intention, self connection and mindful meditations.

Re-write & Rest
Journal & Nidrā

These special evening classes happen once a month around the new moon. Collectively we explore journal prompts and the power of writing. Followed by a journey through consciousness and self exploration in the deep healing benefits of yoga nidrā. 


March Schedule

Receive all links upon registration.

This is a special four week container, a month of self dedication. 

$120 Access all 13 classes.

Cancel anytime.

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